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BBC Exercises

BBC Radio offers many comprehension exercises based on their programmes

Dave's Esl Café Quiz Centre

Quizzes on grammar, but also geography, history etc.

Football Culture

The aim of this site is to explore the culture of football around the world. This means that we want to hear from you - what are your football dreams, who is your favourite player, what is your best football memory?


Learn English is a free site that will help you improve your English. Learn English comes to you from the British Council, the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational and cultural relations.


[...]Their goal was to provide a resource for students who sought writing help but couldn't make it into the physical writing lab during operating hours. Since that time, our OWL has become a complement to classroom instruction, a supplement to face-to-face tutorials, and a stand-alone reference for thousands of writers worldwide [...]

Randall's ESL Cyber Listeling Lab

An excellent website to practice your listening comprehension. It requires Real Play.

Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students

These guidelines are designed to help you, the engineering or science student, perform technical writing assignments in your laboratory, design, and technical communication classes. In these guidelines, you will find discussions of several common documents in engineering writing and scientific writing. For these types of documents, you will find models written by other students.