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Middle Age Renaissance
18th Century Romanticism
Victorian Age 20th Century



Glossary of Literary Theory
An index of brief explanations of critical terms. Hosted by the University of Toronto.

Theatre History
A website dedicated to the history of the theatre

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
On-line version of the Cambridge History of English and American Literature in Eighteen Volumes.

Literary History is an index to critical articles on the major authors, poets, and playwrights in 19th and 20th century English and American literature, providing researchers with high quality, organized material.

The Modern Word
An appealing on-line journal, containing a lot of information on contemporary and classic fiction: interviews, e-texts, reviews.

The Norton Anthology of English Literature
An extensive collections of texts, criticism, audio readings.

   Middle Age


The Labyrinth
Resources for Medieval Studies



Early Modern Literary Studies
Early Modern Literary Studies (ISSN 1201-2459) is a refereed journal serving as a formal arena for scholarly discussion and as an academic resource for researchers in the area.

Shakespeare's Globe Research Database
A site sponsored by the University of Reading (UK) dedicated to providing background information on Shakespearean performance in original conditions.

Essays and Articles on Renaissance authors.

   18th Century


The Gothic Literature Page
A website devoted to study of Gothic fiction in England from 1764 to 1840: links, essays, e-texts.

Dictionary of Sensibility
In the eighteenth century, a linguistic big bang spun off a new etymological universe: the language of sensibility. "Sensibility" and its related terms either appeared for the first time, took on meanings unique to the period, or gained enriched connotations. Rather than attempting hard-line definitions, this project offers the tools for recognizing the multivalent connotations of such sensibilious words as "virtue," "sense," and "benevolence." This hypertext groups excerpts from major words of sensibility according to 24 primary words.



The Romantic Chronology
An extensive timeline of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Includes powerful search capabilities.

A spartan looking but efficient hypertext on Romanticism.

Romantic circles
A Website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture.

Romanticism on the Net
An International Refereed Electronic Journal devoted to British Romantic studies.

   Victorian Age


Literary Resources -- Victorian British
A useful collection of links covering almost all the Victorian resources on the web.

The Pre-Rapahelite Critic
This website is an attempt to make available to the research community a readily-accessible source of the critical reaction to the Pre-Raphaelite.

Victoria Research Web
A guide to research resources, dedicated to the scholarly study of nineteenth-century Britain, and to aiding researchers, teachers, and students in their investigations of any and all aspects of this fascinating period.

   20th Century


Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought
A useful collection of information on the most important theorists and critics of postmodernism.

Postmodern Culture
Postmodern Culture has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures, publishing the work of noted authors and critics.

Voice of the Shuttle: Postmodernism
Extensive list of general resources on Post-modern theory