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18th Century History Etext Archive

18th century e-texts: fiction, biographies, letters, plays, political documents, travel literature, historical works.

American Verse Project

The American Verse Project is a collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press. The project is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920.

One of the most important Internet publishers of literature, reference and verse.

British Poetry 1780-1910

A Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions.

Corpus of Middle English Texts

This collection of Middle English texts was assembled from works contributed by University of Michigan faculty and from texts provided by the Oxford Text Archive, as well as works created specifically for the Corpus by the HTI (Humanities Text Initiative).

Eighteenth-Century Resources

These pages cover all the significant and reliable Internet resources that focus on the (very long) eighteenth century -- let's say Milton to Keats. The collection includes information on literature, history, art, music, religion, economics, philosophy, and so on, from around the world, as well as the home pages of societies and people who work on eighteenth-century topics.

Internet Library of Early Journals

A digital library of 18th and 19th Century Journals, from the "Philosophical Transactions" to "Notes and Queries".

Literary Resources on the Net

A perfectly organized collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and limited to collections of information useful to academics.

Samuel Johnson's Lives of the English Poets

The Works of the English Poets with Prefaces.

Twentieth-century Poetry in English

A collections of links to individual sites of Twentieth-century poets with e-texts and bios.