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British Film

A website sponsored by the British Council


Dedicated to classic British films, cinema and movies.

Cinema Sites

Cinema Sites is an index of Movie and TV resources thoughtfully organized and annotated by a film industry professional.

Elendor, the Tolkien-based MUSH on the internet

Elendor is the oldest and most popular Tolkien-based MUSH on the internet. MUSH stands for "Multi-User Shared Hallucination", a text-based on line game in which players navigate and explore the Middle-Earth. On Elendor, you may join Frodo, Gandalf, and many other old and new characters in their adventures. Elendor is completely free and no registration is required to play. All you need to do is download some free software.

Forum about The Lord of the Rings

Forum about The Lord of the Rings on Internet Movie Data Base. Read the comments on the movie and give your opinion.


The Internet Movie Guide

Movies' official website (HTML version)

Synopsis, Trailers, News, Backstages, Interviews, Screensavers and other from Middle-Earth's world. (Plug-in: Quick Time)

Review about The Lord of the Rings

Created by movie-buff Senh Duong in 1998, Rotten Tomatoes has become a premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs alike and offers a full range of services, features, and community for its users. With more than 87,000 titles and 200,000 review links in its database, Rotten Tomatoes offers a fun and informative way to discover the critical reaction on movies from the Usa's top print and on line film critics.

The downlodable short film portable

Move aside Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters. has an alternative for the movie watching public. It showcases short Independent films ('Indies'), as well as creating a community for filmmakers keen to get their stuff seen on screen

The Lay of Leithian by J.R.R. Tolkien

Visit the site that will tell you all about the greatest story ever written by J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lay of Leithian. It is the story of Beren and Luthien, a mortal man and an immortal elf maiden who find each other and after many challenges and sorrows break the barriers between the worlds and destinies of both races. (Plug-in: Flash player)

The Lord of the Rings site for and by Tolkien fanatics 

Feel free to enjoy all the fantastic material they have gathered on this site and share the passion for Middle-Earth.

The Universe of David Lynch

David Lynch is the director of films like Straight Story, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Eraserhead, Mullholland Drive, Wild at Heart


Online source for celebrities, actors, actresses, bands, artists, top models, athletes, directors, authors and more.