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Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive

Choose your band and find albums and lyrics.

PUNK, SKA, etc...I want to find my lyrics!!!

Have you bought a CD but there are no lyrics on the booklet? Have you downloaded MP3s and now you want to sing your song? Try here! You can find lyrics of over 300 bands! What genre? Punk, Punk-rock, Emo, Emo-core, HC, Melodic-punk, Californian-punk, Groove, Emo-punk, Ska, Ska-core, Ska-punk, Oi, and more! Clik on the letter your favourite band start with!

Reach Tabs for Guitar, Drum and Bass

It's simple! go on "BROWSE BY BAND NAME" and select the letter your band start with, and than find your tabs! If you have lyrics or tabs that you'd like to submit, clik on "submit". There are also some lessons on-line for guitar and bass clikking on "LESSONS"!! Have a good play!