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Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

A complete guide to philosophy Online with General Guides, Philosophers and Philosophies, Philosophical Topics, Philosophical Associations and Societies, Philosophy Journals and Newsletters, Philosophy Courses, Syllabi, Teaching & Learning ...


Guide to Atheism & Agnosticism

Descriptive and "formal ontology"

This site is primarily devoted to ontology's contemporary developments, with a secondary focus on its historical development.


This is the official web site of the American Society for Aesthetics

Film & Philosophy

Published annually by the Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts .The Society's newsletter, which contains film and book reviews, schedules of the Society's activities, and other news of interest to students of film and philosophy, is published quarterly.


Journal for Philosophy and Philology from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance

Critical Thinking Web

This is a web site of teaching and learning resources related to critical thinking and logic


Contretemps: an online journal of philosophy

What is Phenomenology?

Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology


This Journal aims at an understanding of the works of Western civilization and contemporary views of these works. It seeks to promote a standpoint which is critical of dogmatic positions both within contemporary views and within the Western tradition itself

Eastern and Western Philosiphy

This is a site of Eastern and Western philosophical studies

Dialegesthai International

Dialegesthai is an Italian journal of Philosophy mainly devoted to Philosophical Anthropology and Ethics. It aims to offer a way to make scientific studies easily available and a forum for promoting dialogic spirit within philosophy.

Philosophy of History Archive

is a Web node that indexes links and materials related to the Philosophy of History and Theoretical History (PH&TH) on the Internet. It aims to serve those whose research interests include the rational theoretical explanatory approaches to World History and Modernity, the scientific predictions of global future trends, and the application of philosophical and scientific research results to Global Praxis.


... This site's resources on Epicureanism, which is named for Epicurus whose ancient philosophy of pleasure, somewhat misunderstood, continues to draw followers

Modern Philosophy at Erratic Impact's Philosophy

Philosophy Research features thousands of annotated links and text resourses for students and teachers in the field of Modern philosophy including Kant, Leibniz

The Radical Academy

The Radical Academy is an analysis of the human condition as seen through the eyes of classical and contemporary thinkers in the areas of philosophy, politics, religion, science, and education.

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page

This page has been designed for the purpose of organizing the resources on Chinese philosophy that can be found in the 'cyberspace'. It is my goal in setting up this page to attract more people, who are interested in searching for the answers of their life, not to limit themselves within the scope of traditional Western philosophies, but to open themselves to some alternatives offered by several schools of Chinese philosophy. But, since there're countless on-line materials on the Internet that're about Chinese philosophy, and some of which I am not aware of, I would greatly appreciate it if any of you can point them out to me. Also, all suggestions and comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated. * NOTE: Links to on-line documents are followed by note in parenthesis indicating the format in which the documents can be viewed, i.e. (English), (GIF), (BIG-5), (HZ8), and so forth. If you want more information on how to read Chinese characters on-line, please check the Chinese-Language-Related Information Page.


This collection contains canonical philosophic texts and links to scholarly philosophic organizations. 

Bioethics Bulletin

Bioethics Bulletin. UB Center for clinical ethics and humanities in health care


JAIR (ISSN 1076-9757) covers all areas of artificial intelligence (AI), publishing refereed research articles, survey articles, and technical notes. Established in 1993 as one of the first electronic scientific journals, JAIR is indexed by INSPEC, Science Citation Index, and MathSciNet. JAIR reviews papers within approximately three months of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. JAIR articles are published for free distribution on the internet by the AI Access Foundation, and for purchase in bound volumes by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

Journal of Consciousness Studies

* How does the mind relate to the brain? * Can computers ever be conscious? * What do we mean by subjectivity and the self? These questions are being keenly debated in fields as diverse as cognitive science, neurophysiology and philosophy. JCS is a peer-reviewed journal which examines these issues in plain English


The aim of Noetica is to promote the interests of the multi-disciplinary field of cognitive science

Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic

NJPL aims to develop a broad and flexible editorial policy, seeking submissions in any of the areas associated with Philosophical Logic and with the applications of logic in conceptual analysis. Both informal papers and papers of a more technical nature will be welcomed, but in the latter case preference will be given to those which make clear the relevance of the formal methods employed to the treatment of philosophical problems.

Project MUSE-Philosophy and Literature

For more than a quarter century, Philosophy and Literature has explored the dialogue between literary and philosophical studies. The journal offers a constant source of fresh, stimulating ideas in the aesthetics of literature, theory of criticism, philosophical interpretation of literature, and literary treatment of philosophy. Philosophy and Literature challenges the cant and pretensions of academic priesthoods by publishing an assortment of lively, wide-ranging essays, notes, and reviews that are written in clear, jargon-free prose. In his regular column, editor Denis Dutton targets the fashions and inanities of contemporary intellectual life. The journal is the home of the Bad Writing Contest, which savors the delights of the world's ugliest academic prose.

Post modern Culture

P M C   Founded in 1990 as an experiment in scholarly publishing on the Internet, Postmodern Culture has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures, publishing the work of such noted authors and critics as Kathy Acker, Charles Bernstein, Bruce Robbins, bell hooks, and Susan Howe. PMC combines high scholarly standards with broad appeal for non-academic readers. As an entirely web-based journal, PMC can publish still images, sound, animation, and full-motion video as well as text

WCP: Ancient Philosophy

Archive of contributed papers in Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Greece

This site provides access to a variety of resources relevant to scholars of Ancient Greece, and includes a section on philosophy comprising Pre-Socratic Philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Hellenistic Philosophy. It is maintained

The Pansophist Electric

With over 965 links to texts & sites ON-LINE