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A large and well-organized archive of shareware and freeware programs, especially for Windows platform.


It is a web-based tool that helps you publish to the web instantly -- whenever the urge strikes. It is the leading tool in the rapidly growing area of web publishing known as weblogs, or "blogs."

Bravenet Free Web Tools

It takes pride in offering user friendly tools for your Website. If you don't have a Website, get free one here. It requires a free registration.

Build your own homepage.

For beginners. Tool which allows you to build a simple webpage transparently, without any HTML coding expertise.

Cute PDF Writer

A very useful and free tool that converts any type of documents into .pdf file, that is the standard format of web documents.

Divx Player

Divx is a revolutionary video codec that can compact a film of two hours in a cd (~700Mb). This is the official player with the last codec.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world's leading download manager, allows you to download with increased reliability, resume support and errors recovery.

Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library

A comprehensive DHTML site featuring DHTML scripts, tutorials, and more.

Get your online free CV!Free registration requested.

Google Toolbar

A little tool for your browser to make easier to navigate.
Search the web with Google from any site. Eliminate pop-up ads. Fill in forms with one click. Highlight search terms on a page.


KartOO is a metasearch engine with visual display interfaces. When you click on OK, KartOO launches the query to a set of search engines, gathers the results, compiles them and represents them in a series of interactive maps through a proprietary algorithm

McAfee Virus Database

More than 81,000 threats exist today. The McAfee AVERT Virus Information Library has detailed information on where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them.

OldVersion .com

Sometimes upgrading to a newer version can be a good thing. Other times, your computer may not be compatible with the new version, the new version is bloated, or all the good options are no longer available. If you are looking for an old version of any program, should be your first stop.

All the news and informations from Peer to Peer world, thought for simple user or advanced developper. P2P is the philosophy about free exchange of files throught electronic ways.

Page Resource

A Web Development Tutorial and Information Site


File Trasfer Protocol is the best way to manage a remote web space and this free program help you reducing the entire process to drag-and-drop operations. is a directory of free computer tutorials and whitepapers. The directory currently contains 2115 free tutorials!

The Driver Guide

Driver is a small program allows your device to run. Here you can find and download hundreds of driver in alphabetical order after a free registration.

The Software Patch

A patch file can be an upgrade (adding increased features), a bug fix, a new hardware driver or update to address new issues such as security or stability problems. In this site you can find the last patch of hundreds of programs.

Tools to help you build your web site.

Zone Alarm Firewall

The best firewall you can find on the web, in the freeware version. All the e-traffic to and from your computer is controlled and leaked: worms, trojans or bad advertising are blocked.